Sailing with your family and friends

Would you like to have a wonderful experience together with your friends or family? Sailing together across the Frisian Lakes, IJsselmeer or Wadden Sea? Visit beautiful harbours, see beautiful nature and enjoy anchoring and swimming? We have all the luxury on board for a well-cared-for stay for young and old. You can sail an evening trip, a day trip or multi-day trips. 


Open program

If you want to join us for a holidaytrip on board 'De Groninger', alone or together, you are very welcome. We organise weeks and weekends with various destinations and themes. There is a special Yoga-retreat week, Oerol-week and we organize special sailing weekends in cooperation with Vakantie Anders. We sail with small groups (max. 10 persons) and you can actively participate in sailing, but it is also possible to be lazy on the deck. 


Teambuilding by Sailing

Would you like to have an unforgettable experience with your team? Sail a ship together? Get to work actively with navigation, hoisting the sails, steering and tacking? Set the course together, divide tasks, coordinate and reach your goal through the waves? Beforehand, you will receive our online Teamscan. This way you can discover what the challenges of the team are. We will adjust our programme accordingly.

Are you in for the teamchallenge?


Seals, tidal flats and falling dry

For trips longer than three days, we often go to the Wadden Sea. Our ship, De Groninger, has been sailing the Wadden Sea for decades and feels like a fish in the water there. Because the ship is a flat bottomed vessel, we can fall dry on a sandbank, which is a unique experience. You can go for a walk on the sandbank, look for shells or cockles and even prepare them for dinner.

Want to know more about our sailing area?


Twilight sailing

How cool is it to celebrate your party in the summer evening sun at 'De Groninger'? Sailing on the Frisian Lakes with a glass of wine in your hand? You will see the smooth water, the birds, the setting sun and create an unforgettable experience for yourself, your family or friends. Also great to combine with a nice BBQ on board.


The Boardroom (meetings)

If you want to hold a meeting on board with your board or management team, you have come to the right place.  You can sleep on board, hold meetings and sail along so that you can get a breath of fresh air between meetings. Arjan van Dijk, the skipper, is a very experienced coach and process facilitator and can act as a facilitator if required. Management teams have played our Inspiration Game for Leaders on board, full of maritime wisdom and sailing terms.

Plotting a new course? Welcome on board.


The area

About clipper The Groninger

'The Groninger' is a seaworthy clipper built in 1919. The ship sailed until 1995 as a small cargo ship on the Wadden Sea, after which it was completely converted into a luxury sailing yacht. 

The ship has 5 cabins and a pilot berth, providing 11 berths in total. The saloon has a nice table and a small but cosy galley.

The ship has four sails: a mizzen, mainsail, foresail and jib. All sails are made of dacron and are hoisted by hand.

In the engine room, there is a powerful 145 HP M.A.N. diesel engine that can sail the ship to port in all circumstances. There is also a 25 KVA generator, two large tanks (700 litres of diesel and 1000 litres of drinking water), a boiler and a hot air heater.

The ship is equipped with 220 volts, heating and wifi.  Technically, we can be at sea with a group for a full week without having to visit any port. 


Ship and equipment:
ship measurements: length 19.99 m, width 4.22 m and draught 1.40 m
ship material: steel
rigging: mizzen, mainsail, jib and jib (two wooden masts and a bowsprit)
spacious deck with several seating areas
cosy saloon with table
4 cabins with double berth (bunk bed)
1 cabin with double bed
1 pilot cabin in saloon (1 person bed)
galley with fridge, freezer, oven
toilets, hot shower
15 professional (breathable) sailing suits in all sizes

The captain

I am Arjan van Dijk and I am a watersports enthusiast at heart. I love everything that floats, sails or swims. As a child, I grew up in Friesland and already built rafts to sail the village canals. I became a sailing instructor as a student and later followed various skipper training courses for the traditional Dutch sailing trade (the so-called 'Bruine Vloot '). Since 2013 I have my own ship. Firstly clipper 'De Twee Gebroeders' and since 2018 clipper 'De Groninger'. It is a beautiful two-masted sailing clipper that has always sailed on the German Wadden Sea. 

In the winter, I work as a coach and motivational speaker. Partly for international companies with big diversity in cultures. I also like to use my intercultural communicationskills on board. Together with a small staff of fantastic sailors and programme supervisors, I create unforgettable adventures on the Frisian Lakes, IJsselmeer and Wadden Sea.

I welcome you aboard!