For groups Prices (in Euro)
Daytrip 900
Nighttrip 450
Weekendtrip 1750
Ma-Fri trip 2460
Week 3440
Corporate Prices (per person in Euro)
Team Event 90
Teambuilding 8 hours 200
Teambuilding 20 hours, one night 300
Teambuilding 32 hours, two sailingdays, one night 450
Groups from 6 to 12 participants
Individual Price in Euro
Weekend (shared cabin) 295
Weekend (own cabin 2 person) 525
Board Pot (for diner) ca. 15 per dag

All prices include harbor fees, tourist taxes, bridge and lock fees, linen (comforter, washcloth, towel, bath towel), professional sailing suits, cleaning.


For individual participation during the summer trip we work with a board pot for dinner, of which the group goes out to dinner or one makes food on board or has it delivered. Everyone contributes an average of € 15,00 per day. Breakfast and lunch are provided by us and are included in the price. Drinks can be paid on board separately.


basic: soft rolls and bread with savoury and sweet ingredients - € 6.50 

medium: currant bread, boiled egg, luxury rolls, orange juice - €

deluxe: luxury bread variety, croissants, various types of muesli, yoghurt, fried
egg, milk and orange juice - € 14.50



basic: soft rolls and bread with savoury and sweet ingredients - € 6.50

medium: luxury bread rolls, soup, orange juice - € 12.50

deluxe: luxury bread variety, soup, salad, fresh juice - € 17.50


basic: skipper's meal with fresh ingredients, incl. simple dessert - € 12,50


medium: two-course meal, fresh ingredients - € 18,50

Deluxe: three-course luxury meal, fresh local produce - € 36.00

BBQ: (biological) meat, fish, salads, sandwiches, sauces - € 22,50


Coffee and tea are included in the price of all our tours.

Cold drinks (soft drinks, juice, wine, beer, port wine): €2.00 per drink.

Tell us what you like to drink and we will get it on board.


The above prices are per person. For children under 12 years of age we charge 50% of the stated rate. 


Discount for multi-day tours

Catering packages are available for multi-day tours: basic € 24 per person per day, medium € 38 per person per day and luxury: € 55 per person per day. 


Self-catering & shopping service
With us, you can also take care of all (or part of) the meals yourself. The galley is fully equipped. You can send us your shopping list and
We will make sure your groceries are on board when you arrive. For this shopping service we charge € 25.00 per order.

N.B. We charge a 10% surcharge on the hire price if you take care of the catering yourself.