About Clipper 'De Groninger'

'The Groninger' is a seaworthy clipper built in 1919. The ship sailed until 1995 as a small cargo ship on the Wadden Sea, after which it was completely converted into a luxury sailing yacht. 

The ship has 5 cabins and a pilot berth, providing 11 berths in total. The saloon has a nice table and a small but cosy galley.

The ship has four sails: a mizzen, mainsail, foresail and jib. All sails are made of dacron and are hoisted by hand.

In the engine room, there is a powerful 145 HP M.A.N. diesel engine that can sail the ship to port in all circumstances. There is also a 25 KVA generator, two large tanks (700 litres of diesel and 1000 litres of drinking water), a boiler and a hot air heater.

The ship is equipped with 220 volts, heating and wifi.  Technically, we can be at sea with a group for a full week without having to visit any port. 


The ship on the German Wadden Sea

In this video from 2013 you can see  'de Groninger' on the German Wadden Sea with the previous owner. The ship sailed under German flag till 2019. Since the ship is ours we sail under Dutch flag.