Payment and Insurance


You can reserve a tour free of charge for 14 days. After that we would like you to decide so that we can confirm the tour. 


Booking and payment

As soon as you book, we will assign the ship and crew to the desired dates. At the time of booking, you pay 50% of the cost of the trip. The remaining 50% can be paid 14 days before departure.



In case of cancellation, you pay 50% of the cancellation costs up to 2 weeks before departure. After that, a rate of 90% applies.

If the trip cannot take place due to governmental measures, you can rebook the trip. For this you only pay 10% of the travel sum.



The ship is insured and the people on board are insured against accidents on board through our fault (rest assured: this has never happened in 20 years).

It is useful, however, if you take out travel insurance, for example cancellation insurance, for a trip lasting several days.


Bad weather

Actually we do not know "bad weather" on board. Sometimes a strong wind is just great for sailing. And as for rain: in an open area, it rarely rains all day.  In addition, we have 15 professional sailing suits on board for the guests.