The sailing area

We sail from Koudum on the Frisian Lakes, IJsselmeer and Wadden Sea.

This is an extensive nature reserve that falls under Natura 2000, a protected nature reserve that is unique in the world. 


The Frisian Lakes are a beautiful interconnected area of lakes, which nowadays, thanks to the many aqueducts, have fewer bridges and therefore fewer delays. A special feature of Friesland is the free access to meadows and islands in the lakes, where one can spend the night on board or even with tents on the shore. This is thanks to De Marrekrite, an association that creates and maintains all these mooring places. Friesland has many beautiful historical towns and villages that are worth visiting. The crew knows all the places and is happy to give tips for a trip ashore.


The Wadden Sea is, of course, completely unique as one of the few tidal inland seas in the world. Every day, the sea fills up and empties out twice, leaving behind sandbanks that are a haven for birds and small marine animals. The difference between low and high tide is about 2.20 metres.


The IJsselmeer is also worth visiting, with beautiful beaches where we like to drop anchor. In a few hours, we sail to ancient harbour towns like Medemblik, Enkhuizen and Urk, where it is lovely to stroll around and where the atmosphere in the harbour lasts until late in the evening.