Teamtraining by Sailing

We provide unique teambuilding programmes on our sailing ship 'De Groninger'. We have been doing so since 2001. We have had many teams on board and have gained a vast amount of experience in applying this unique outdoor training method.

Arjan van Dijk, the skipper, is a senior communication trainer and coach. He supervises the teambuilding with his regular crew of sailors and trainers.


Teambuilding on a classic sailing ship is very suitable when you:

  • want to turn your team into a real top team;
  • Get to know your colleagues better and work together better;
  • want to set a new course for your organisation;
  • are looking for a unique experience with your people that will bind them together.


For whom?

We have worked for management teams, unit teams, project teams, management classes and works councils.


How does it work?
Your team sails the ship itself, with the team members fulfilling different functions (such as:
boatswain, sailor, cook, navigator, steering officer, etc.). Sailing experience is not required.

The trainers ensure that you can sail safely and guide your team to work together optimally.
We always meet you and your team live a few weeks before the trip and help you to get a clear understanding of the learning objective. With that goal in mind, we create an appropriate programme for your team. After the training, we can plan an anchoring session if required. In an anchoring session, we help the team to translate the lessons learned to the work floor.


What does it cost?
You might not expect it, but sailing with your group or team is no more expensive than a regular training in a conference room. The minimum group size is 8 participants, the maximum size is 12 participants per ship. If your team is bigger than 12 teammembers, it is possible to sail with more ships or a bigger ship of our fleet .


Your performance is central!

Whether it is about mutual relationships, communication, decision-making, leadership or effectiveness: by sailing the ship yourself, you learn inspiring and unforgettable lessons.


One-day programme (set-up)
9:00 am - Welcome with coffee/tea and cake
9:30 a.m. - explanation of working methods and start of sailing day
10:00 a.m. - intensive sailing training: the team learns how to sail themselves
11:30 a.m. - the team gets a concrete sailing route that they will sail themselves
12:30 pm - debrief and lunch
13:30 - sailing the ship together. After each assignment a short debriefing.
16:00 - coffee/tea and discussion focusing on "lessons learned". Sailing back
to the harbour.
17:00 - closing with optional barbecue. 


Two-day programme (set-up)
Day 1
10:00 a.m. - Welcome with coffee/tea and orange cake
10:30am - explanation of procedure and start training
11:00 - Intensive sailing training: the team learns to sail itself
12:30 - Lunch
13:30 - The team decides on a route to sail. Tasks on board are divided. The ship is stopped regularly and the working method of the team is discussed.
17:00 - Searching for a harbour along the way and mooring the ship together to make it ready for the night.
18:00 - Prepare a simple dinner together or have dinner at a restaurant.
20:30 hrs - Possibly play a management or team development game on board.
22:00 - End of programme. Staying overnight on board.


Day 2
9:00 a.m. - Breakfast
10:00 am - Departure and continuation of the route. The team changes roles and tasks on board. The trainers put the focus of the team back on the learning objectives.
12:30 - lunch
13:30 - discussion focused on lessons learned and skills needed
14:00 - by means of sailing assignments reinforce the learning results and practice the skills.

15:30 - sailing back to the harbour

16:00 - closing

The starting location for team training is in Koudum (other starting location on request).


During a two-day training course, you can take time out once or twice each day for a meeting about your own current topics. You then combine the teambuilding with your (MT) meeting or brainstormsession.


We have extensive catering options for every budget. You can choose from a basic, medium and luxury package. Click here for our cateringoptions.

We will be happy to make you an appropriate offer.